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After flight to Shiraz - that included dinner! - and Arg Hotel (arg means citidel which is nearby), we settled in our room it being 10pm. Still not knowing what comes next other than breakfast 7-10 tomorrow, ha!


Met Medhi, our guide, at breakfast 9am who told us he tried to get us last night but phone was not working. We quickly finish our food - scrambled eggs, flat bread, jam, butter, cream chez, fresh tomatoes and cucumber, and tea.

Off we go to pick up others on today's tour - 3 Iranians & a Swedish woman (taught Swedish to children & learned Persian from them!). Today was a trip through Shiraz history via forts, palaces, gardens, and tombs of poets/writers and ex-kings/leaders. Way too much to absorb but nevertheless, setting up a background of 4500 years of history and constant occupation/rule by others. Still, Iran/Persia holds to it's own Adrian past and unique culture heavily influenced by shia brand of Islamic beliefs.


Today we went to see fabulous Necropolis and Persepolis. Medhi has been a guide here for 7 years and it shows, he knows everything to know and then some.

Wiki Info Persepolis

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