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Ozz's new pants

The first band at the night market

The spice girls have let themselves go a bit!

We hung by the pool and Koh San road again today, and then in the evening we went back to the Lumphini Night Market so Em could do some proper shopping!!!

When we got there a really cool band were playing (like a Thai Madness!).

We ended up buying some seat/lounger/footon/type chair things which were nice.....but massive!! Mum and dad Sheen these are winging their way back to you as we speak!!!

We had a drink in the middle of the market as well where there was a massive stage where all different bands were performing on. It was very strange. Especially as everyone sitting there was just basically having a break from their shopping.

We got back from shopping and then had a couple of well deserved beers down Koh San road before crashing.

Got to sort stuff out tomorrow.........


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