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Supply run in Turtle Bay. Fuel pier looking out to the anchorage..

This somewhat benign dock and ladder get precarious in swelly conditions, especially...

So after 5 days and 4 nights of running non-stop we stepped foot on terra firma in Turtle Bay, Baja California.

The trip has been wonderful and miserable, fun and tiring but all in all we can say, “A good time was had by all…..so far”. I am happily surfing the net while Mike is busy changing the engine oil while Bruce provides moral support. We are happily awaiting the completion of this job as we are pretty much pinned in place until he finishes with the engine/companionway/galley/living room and bathroom entrance. So we will just interject mild jokes and harassment while we wait.

About the trip - We left Sunday morning from Cabo San Lucas which was NOT the plan but I, the person who has the “go or no-go”, said let’s go! Unfortunately we were sorely disappointed at the conditions for about the first 40 hrs. Rough and windy conditions were to be had even though weather predictions were to be better by early the next day. When things got better, it was amazingly better, but of course this is the ocean. Winds and seas and currents change often.

So tonight is our first night to sit at anchor and enjoy a margarita and a NY steak dinner onboard. Of course, being cruisers there is the issue of dirty laundry piling up. We went to shore and the first lavanderia, Delores, had all her clotheslines full for the day and therefore couldn’t help us. We were directed to the nearest competitor, Karla. Karla uses a dryer, not a clothesline. Imagine that! So at 7 p.m. she will happily return to us our clean, folded and highly perfumed laundry items to us for 100 pesos per load. Of course we have to dinghy to the fuel dock and walk to the lavanderia (we should be able to find it!) carry the 3 loads back and walk down the precarious ramp and return to the boat. But we will have all clean clothes and fresh fruit and veggies so life is good again.

Early tomorrow a.m. we will depart and intend to not do any more overnighters on this trip (for now) to make the trip more pleasant. Since we really don’t have a schedule and every evening the winds and big swells pick up making the passage miserable we will stick with daytime runs. The weather guru says that there will be 3 days of fine sailing! After that, who knows. Next stop the village on Cedros Island.

Sea ya!

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