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David, Nancy and Betty at their home on Smith Mountain Lake

Looking at their dock from the house

View from their dock

Black snake cruising the property

Interesting turtle plant

Paper Flower in their yard

I'm not sure what they're checking out


Wind vane on top of their boat house/dock

Another view of their house

Flowers in their yard

Nice touch by David and Betty

Red Japanese Maple

Black snake on the move

Booker T. Washington Monument

Booker T. Washington Monument

Very dirty pig

Beautiful swan

Very colorful rooster

Tobacco drying log building

Along a trail



Beautiful Virginia trail and woods

Creeping cedar



I really miss these kind of Virginia woods

More trails

A meadow along the way

Interesting old lock

Where Booker T. Washington grew up

Checking us out

Smith Mountain Lake

A $10,000 trout painting at a local gallery

Hungry carp

More hungry carp



On day two we decided to go to Booker T. Washington Monument for some hiking and what a pleasant surprise that place was. We spent hours there and really enjoyed the walking and the outstanding scenery.

What a great time we had with David and Betty. We really hope that they'll be able to visit us in Phoenix next winter and allow us to return the hospitality they extended to us. I am so fortunate to have such great friends.

We are closing in on getting ready to hit the road Monday morning at about 5:30 am. We'll keep you posted as we move on down the road.

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