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Music by Frank Gregg this evening...

Performed in the Tatanka Theatre at the Game Lodge...

Frank, singer, songwriter & guitarist extraordinaire!

It's a beautiful day :)

We're on our way to the park...

Pretty little doe crossing the road from the lake on the right...

Tonight Larry & I drove into Custer State Park to listen to our talented friend Frank Gregg perform at the Game Lodge's Tatanka Theatre. Attendance was good, as was the music of course! It's amazing how much musical talent is in these hills & we feel very blessed to be able to be a part of the audience several times a month. Maybe I should actually say several times a week, lol! And all free of charge, amazing! Tips appreciated of course :)

We had quite the storm during the night. I woke at 4am to one fabulous light show. It was actually a bit nerve wracking if you want to really know the truth. Every 5 seconds or so it went from light to dark & back again for a good 15 minutes. LARGE rain drops fell and I thought it was hail at first it was so noisy. The wind was playing havoc with our awnings, but amazingly, they all survived. By the time morning rolled in the skies were clear, beautiful in fact. And we got some much needed water for our 'lawn' so even though it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm really not lol...It wound up being a perfect 77 degrees today, falling right in the 70-80 degree temps I love :)

Tomorrow we're invited to Terry & Dawn's for a brisket dinner. Looking forward to spending time with them. They both work long hours so we don't run into them much. They've done a lot of work on the home they purchased last year & have found some cool 'things' on their property, including a very old postmarked envelope in the walls & a well that was well hidden. Can't wait to get all the details, will share them later :) Don't we have a cool life? We think so!

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