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It's party time at Jim & Collen's!

Jim, Colleen, Rose, Lou, Dick & Me...

The crowd is gathering over on Pageant Hill...

See the faint rainbow off in the distance?

Took a walk over there to check things out...

The fire department is arriving with sirens blazing!

Lou & our hostess Colleen Hennesey...

I love this shot!

Aren't these clouds pretty?

Now that is some serious lawn ornaments! LOL

Let's get the party started :)


The variety was terrific...

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Just above us :)


Almost over, getting a bit smoky...

Took this shot a couple of years ago...I like it! Hope you...

Friday evening we joined many of our friends for a July 4th party at Jim & Colleen's. Their home is situated at the top of the hill & is the perfect viewing area for enjoying the fireworks here in Custer. A few black clouds were way off in the distance & we even had a couple of raindrops. Just enough to make a faint rainbow, pretty! Fortunately, it was early & very brief :)

Larry & I took a stroll over to Pageant Hill for a few minutes to wish a few friends a happy 4th before heading back to the house. It was fun watching so many families playing Frisbee & other games in the grassy meadow prior to the start of the festivities. What is it they say? The family that plays together, stays together??? I think maybe so :)

The fireworks were great again this year. Custer works hard at making this entire weekend a very special time for tourists and locals alike. I took plenty of photos once the show began & maybe one of these years I'll learn how to photograph them well. In the meantime, I hope you like my feeble attempt at capturing what we were blessed to see. Our vantage point was excellent, felt like we were right below them!

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow night we're going back up on Pageant Hill for the first annual 'You Should See the Stars From Here' concert featuring Firefall and special guests Pleasant Valley Sunday and Lawren Erickson. Firefall is the classic '70's rock group from Boulder, CO. known for such hits as "You are the Woman," "Just Remember I Love You," and "Strange Way."

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by & Larry & I hope you were able to spend time with family and friends and that you too had a wonderful Independence Day!!!

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