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The Arrivals And Passport Control Areas Were Pretty Quiet When We Arrived...

I Guess Not A Lot Of People Want To Fly On Christmas...

That's Probably The Reason We Were Able To Find A Business Class...



We had flown in great comfort but it was still great to get off the plane in Vancouver and stretch our legs for a while before our quick flight to Victoria. I don’t ever think there will be flights from Asia flying directly into Victoria, so we do appreciate the fact that we can use the business-class lounges during a layover.

I never cease to be impressed by the lovely architecture at the Vancouver International airport and the decorations in the international arrivals area. There are two escalators that descend from the arrivals level down to the immigration reception area and with a staircase in between them. On either side of the staircase a cascading waterfall between them.

The water first flows down a slate wall behind a massive wood carving created by local First Nations artists and then it glides under the walkway and then down a simulated waterfall to the bottom of the stairs. It’s so refreshing to hear water flowing in this manner after spending 10 – 12 hours cooped up on a long-distance airplane.


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