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Hi there,

Ahhh, on the last day we were in Heaven!

On the way back to Perth, we spotted a chocolate factory, which was just on the outskirts of Margaret River. It was amazing. I've never seen Helen perk up so quickly in all my life! Inside, they had huge bowls of free chocolate drops with spoons in. All you had to do was use the spoon to grab chololate and then just guzzle straight from the hand. With a mixture of dark, white and milk chocolate, Helen was in Heaven. We grabbed as much of the filthy stuff as we could be for we left - every backpacker knows how important it is to stock up!

After the chocolate factory we found a cheese factory! Now Gareth was happy! We went inside and tried all of the various different varieties. The "Margaret Gold" was a big favourite for us, although we weren't so keen on the onion cheese that they had there... They also made their own yoghurt, which (you guessed it) they were also dishing out, so we got involved there and guzzled as much of the stuff as possible.

Now weatherwise, all weekend we had taken a few showers, but nothing too messy. On the whole the sun was out, even if the wind was a little fresh at the coast. Not so on the way home. The heavens absolutely opened and it tipped it down the whole way home. At times the rain was falling so hard that you could barely see the road and traffic on the highway was only going at 40kph (about 28mph!). It was wierd, because when the rain starts here, there's no warning. It goes from no rain at all to it tipping down. When you drive into it it looks like a mist approaching you, then you're in it and the noise is unbearable!

Eventually we got home - it took a litle longer than expected due to the long weekend traffic getting bogged down at various stages.

We had a great time though - can't wait for the next long weekend! Who knows where we'll go!

Lots of love - Gareth and Helen x x x

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