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David Kehoe piloting their boat around Smith Mountain Lake

Having a cool one on the boat

Betty Kehoe enjoying the boat ride

Nancy and Betty


Sailboat on Smith Mountain Lake

Lots of beautiful houses and landscaping around this lake

Expensive looking property

Close up of same house

One of the more pricey properties on Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake

New construction on the lake

Smith Mountain Lake

Very nice dock house

Smith Mountain Lake

Upscale condo's right on the lake

Neat airplane

Smith Mountain Lake

Speed boats passing us

Speed boat really moving on

Less speedy but very nice boat

I like the contrast

Getting the high sign from the speed boat driver

Smith Mountain Lake dam

Smith Mountain Lake dam

Where the movie "What About Bob" was filmed

Very pricey real estate

Very private property

I've known Betty Kehoe for maybe 20 years as a mortgage lender and a friend. When I was a realtor she was my mortgage lender of choice whenever possible, and then after I left real estate and became a mortgage lender she ended up working at National City Mortgage with me for quite a number of years. She had worked as a branch manager at Bank of America until she retired from there. After a couple of years she decided to return to mortgage lending for a time, but has now retired again and lives at a beautiful home on the water at Smith Mountain Lake with her husband David. Nancy and I spent two wonderful days with them at their home.

We arrived at their home at about 3:00 in the afternoon, and were soon on the lake in their pontoon boat getting a guided tour of the lake, and drinking a few cool ones along the way. The weather was great and and we had a great time on the water with two very special friends.

Later on we had one of Betty's special dinners and just hung around for a while before crashing for the night. All of the activity was beginning to catch up with me and I had to crash early to try to catch up on the sleep that I'd been missing.

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