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Enjoying a peaceful afternoon watching 'Frozen'....Cute movie!


Today is Memorial Day, a time to honor all of the Americans who have died fighting for the thing we like the most about our America. The freedom we have to live 'free'. As RV'ers, we have really come to recognize the importance of that statement! We would like to thank all of our veterans and the young men & women currently serving in all branches of the military for your service and sacrifice for our country. Our grandson Jeffrey is currently stationed at Ft Leonardwood and are so very proud of him!

We'll be spending our day with Mom. We're not always here on Memorial Day so this is a special holiday weekend this year. We've spent the last two days having a movie marathon! Don't you just loved Redbox? Works well for us here in Ely for sure, lol. Anyway, I finally watched 'Frozen' so now I can have an intelligent chat with the granddaughters, lol. And we enjoyed the 'Monuments Men' and 'Gravity' both very much as well. Mom & Larry are both enjoying the stereo sound coming from their new Sennheiser headsets. They can understand the voices much better and love the stereo music blasting in their ears! Me, I just set there and struggle to hear, lol. Ah well, maybe I'll splurge and get me a set one of these days too :)

Dinner will be bbq'd baby back ribs, roasted potatoes and a strawberry/spinach salad. And for dessert, a white cake with lemon filling and coconut creme frosting. Dad's favorite. Well, the white cake with coconut frosting anyway. I decided to throw in the lemon filling as an experiment!

So, that's it for now. I hope you are spending your day with family and friends and that you'll take a few moments to remember our vets and appreciate this freedom they have provided for all of us. We salute you!!!!

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