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TV as photo viewer

TV as mirror

new bathroom

Summer is our favorite time to be at home. We like to stay out of the way of families, who can only take vacations when school is not in session. The weather allows us to do lots outside and we love to take advantage of the cultural activities that Chicago offers. However, we haven't been able to do those kinds of things until fairly recently and our stay at home has been unusually long. I had surgery May 9 to remove a bone spur in my heel that was shredding my Achilles tendon. Recovery time was forecast to be 6 - 10 months. We couldn't imagine what would take that long, but that area of the foot has a limited blood supply which slows healing. After about two months I was able to walk on two feet again and we immediately began planning for travel. We're booked up with great international trips for the next two years! The Achilles repair is still weak and stiff, but improving a bit every day. Once I was dismissed by my surgeon and physical therapist, I felt confident that healing could continue no matter where I am. I created another blog for others who suffer from this condition since information on the web was limited and frightening. If you want more of the gory details you can read about it all at Frankenfoot.

While we were confined at home, we were able to complete some home improvement projects including a new roof and a major guest bathroom redo. The blinds in two different rooms were broken and had to be repaired or replaced. We got a new bigger TV and turned the old one into a massive photo frame which is mounted on the living room wall and displays an ever changing photo show of great travel memories. When it is off it looks like a framed mirror. The bedroom needed new curtains and bed spread and that lead to repainting. The garage walls were never finished and looked like the drywall installers had just left. It's been that way for well over ten years. Time to get those walls finished and painted. If we stay home much longer, we'll be totally broke!

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