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An Excellent book about why we are where we are today!!


Most of the day just getting ready, doing internet, and getting to the airport...all went fine. Both Qatar flights served some food, second one (1am-4am) a full meal!


Bon had not written an answer to the tour company's last email requesting our arrival time so after finger printing (a reciprocal deal since US now does it to every foreigner coming in as well - no other country we've visited does this!), we sat waiting/hoping they got Bon's email on Friday - of course, they're closed on Friday's. We waited 'til 9 then asked the Info gal if she could call tour co's #. Gal Bon has been working with answered her cell and told us to get a taxi and go to Khayyam Hotel in old part of Tehran. It turned out since she had not heard from us she did not know if we were able to get our visas on Thurs. If that had been the case, we would have had to delay our previously planned arrival time. Also, her office is in Shiraz not Tehran so would not have time to get to airport this am, but arranged with hotel (and via phone with taxi driver) to pay the driver upon our arrival...we being w/o Iranian $$. While we made these arrangements in the airport via cell, a mid-aged woman who obviously had been watching us approached with a tray on it were 2 coffees and 2 large pastry/muffins! She spoke very little English but wished us 'welcome' and her son who spoke some English chatted with us...where from, etc. We were completely overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness, not least of all because we had had nothing to eat/drink and didn't expect to until getting to the hotel! The woman invited us to her home and son gave us his cell #&name if we should need anything. We've heard from others about Iranian hospitality but didn't expect to experience it so soon!

Taxi drive is half hour from airport = 30+ km, driver just like woman & her son (they were waiting for arrival of 2nd son who works in auto factory in Japan), and ditto Mohammed the desk/hotel boss guy.

We were exhausted so at 10:30am we hit the bed and didn't move(slept) 'til 4...I continued off and on until 8!

Mohammed had said we should come down to talk about our tour after resting but by that time he'd gone home. With no $$$ and apparently few restaurant options (none which take US dollars) we return to our room and 'feast' on our emergency rations after which we sleep some more. Can't remember when I've been this exhausted!

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