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Lined up and waiting

Lined up and waiting

Folks out on the sand bar


Kendall reeling in a big one

Dan fighting a big one

Nice fish

What a big smile

The fish is bigger than the cooler

Friday 6/25 – We moved another 100 miles down the road to Montana Creek Campground. We picked this park because the ad said they had great fishing plus it was near the road that leads to Talkeetna. When we arrived, Dan learned that at midnight King Salmon weekend fishing would start. He got real excited about his first opportunity to do some fishing. Since I wanted to tour Talkeetna, we got in the car for the short drive. This was a cute little town with lots of shops and restaurants. It also is home to many of the Denali tour companies. There were lots of tourists walking the streets. Dan was anxious to get back to the campground so he could buy his fishing license and get his gear ready. We had lunch at a brewing company then headed back.

About 5pm, Dan took his chair out to the river to hold his spot. He met a couple of nice guys and decided to hang out with them. He came back to the coach, had dinner, then got his stuff together. I made him a sandwich and packed a cooler with some drinks. He headed back to the river about 8:30. I headed over about 11:45. The river is a short walk through the Montana Creek State Park. It is amazing to be out at midnight walking through a park and needing no lights. When I arrived, there were hundreds of folks along the river bank, some wading into the river, and some out on a sand bar. At exactly midnight, everyone cast their lines. You here someone yell “fish on” and every brings in their lines so they don't get tangled. Everyone gets pretty impatient if you don't land the fish in a hurry. They yell “fish off” after they land the fish or it gets away. Kendall, one of Dan's new friends, was the first to bring in a fish in the group but he had to release it because it was not hooked in the mouth. It was a really big one. You are only allowed one fish and it must be hooked in the mouth. The salmon do not feed during the trip up the river to spawn so you don't use bait. You put a little ball on the line that bumps the salmon in the nose while they are swimming up stream. This irritates them so they bite at it. Dan hooked one and yelled “fish on” about 12:30. You could tell it was a big one because he had to fight it hard to bring it to the bank. After taking pictures, Dan began fileting it. We estimated the weight to be about 30lbs. We brought the meat home and Dan got on the scale with and without the fish. We had 15lbs of meat. I went to bed and Dan went back to the river to cheer on his new friends. He returned about 4am. No one else in the group landed a fish but they do have some stories about the big one that got away.

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