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Break point - yep it's Bells beach - but no surf today

Stop drooling Brian

Lovely flower

3 Irish men with a huge erection of a Lighthouse

Look a caravan growing out of a cliff

The start of the road trip

It feels like Ireland

A sub tropical waterfall

Boy the craic was mighty that day

A little drip


Bleak coastline

So you don't get lost

More misty coastline

Do we look happy or what!

A winding path through the Otway rainforest

It looks like a traffic light

My lovely wife

As a motorist you can run over all sorts of animals in...

Roadside flowers


Mother nature at its finest


Little berries

A beach

Beware these Koalas can be really vicious in the wild, don't be...

Big tall straight trees

Walkways about 80m up

You don't see these signs in Canada or Ireland


Centre of the universe

How honest would you be

looks kind of furry

Curly Whurley

3 wanted men

Gt Ocean Road coastline

Enough said

The Apostles

The Apostles1

The Apostles2

The Apostles and the 3 wise men!

The Apostles3

The Apostles5

The Apostles6

The Apostles at sunset


The Apostles at sunset2

The Apostles at sunset3

The Apostles at sunset4

The Apostles at sunset4

The Apostles at sunset5

A great cup of tea was what we 3 needed

Bay of Islands

The Gateway

London Bridge that did fall down in 1990 with 2 tourists on...

Big splash

Colourful cabins along Rosebud beach

Colourful cabins along Rosebud beach

3 colourful cabins!

a long pier

apostles extra

London Bridge extra

The photos speak for themselves! Quite amazing coastal scenery and rainforest walks.

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