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We Were Both Surprised And Delighted That We Were Offered A 30-Minute...

We Both Opted For A Foot Massage As It Was Good For...

We Had A 6-Hour Layover In Bangkok, But The Time Passed Quickly...



The time had come to leave Nepal and start the long journey home. Fortunately we had been able to use our Aeroplan miles to book business-class flights home from Kathmandu to Victoria. It might be because it was Christmas Day and few people chose to fly on the holiday itself, but we didn’t mind.

While we were waiting in line to check in at the Kathmandu airport we were subjected to the unruly behavior of an American 3-year-old. I reminded Anil that we couldn’t really blame the child that he was so undisciplined, it was clearly his wing-nut parents who had no idea how to teach a child how to conduct himself around other adults.

I was really alarmed when after we’d settled into the business-class lounge, I saw the family enter the lounge and seat themselves at the other end of the room. I spent a great deal of the waiting time thinking about what I would say to the stewardess if that family was seated anywhere near us. I fretted that the flight to Bangkok would we unendurable if I had to put up with that whining and demanding child.

I breathed a sign of relief when they walked past us and carried on into the economy section. For some reason, they were given access to the lounge (perhaps they had purchased some kind of access pass) but just the same, I felt terribly sorry for anyone seated anywhere near them.

Our route took us from Kathmandu to Bangkok and then on to Beijing with Thai Airways. After a 6-hour layover in there, we boarded an Air China flight to Vancouver and then we changed to an Air Canada plane for the 12-minute hop to Victoria.

It was a convoluted route with long breaks between flights but we didn’t mind because we knew we could relax in comfort in the business-class lounges. What a surprise when we were informed that we were entitled to a 30-minute Tha massage as a complimentary benefit of the higher-class ticket. We both chose to have a foot massage because we didn’t want the bother of changing our clothes for such a short massage.


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