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Last day on Magaly, Peru

Alto Lagunillas en route to Cusco, Peru (4,413 metres above sea level)

Lynn's new hat, en route to Cusco, Peru

Wednesday 18th June 2014

Coporaque/Colca Canyon to Cusco, Peru

After breakfast today we left on the minibus at about 7:00am and drove back down from the town to meet up with our truck Magaly again. Today we have been on the truck for 5 months - it doesn't seem possible, so we had some photos taken in front of the truck. You become quite attached to the truck as it is your "home". Once we left the meeting point where we had a hot chocolate and took some photos of the view - always stunning in this part of Peru - we headed off again through beautiful countryside - grass covered hills and lakes with mountains in the far distance, all under a cold blue sky. This is a beautiful landscape - there are people living here who farm, grow corn, raise sheep, llamas, alpacas and live in what look like to us fairly basic houses and they sell their woollen things on stalls wherever you stop. They are friendly and cheerful and are not pushy. When we reached Juliaca, we turned north onto a very good road and headed towards Cusco across the altiplano where the altitude is about 4,600 - 4,800 metres above sea level. The flat plains that are full of agriculture and the hillsides terraced to keep the moisture are features of this grand Andean landscape. The land drops gradually as you head towards Cusco and we just sat and watched the country go by. We finally reached the truck park in Cusco and sadly had to leave Magaly as when we leave Cusco it will be in a different truck for the final four days of our journey down to La Paz, Bolivia. This trip however continues after La Paz and goes to Rio but we are leaving in La Paz and heading down to Chile. We were driven to our hotel with all our bags in a minibus. After checking in at around 8:00pm, we went out for dinner in the town and after a couple of false starts found a nice restaurant and had dinner with three others from the group whom we particularly like. Back to the hotel and to bed around 11:30pm. It is freezing here tonight - only about 5C and we are really feeling the cold.

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