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Surf's up dude!

Sunset Yallingup style

Awesome waves maaaaan!

Aw Yeeah...

Smashing the waves bro!!!

Check it aaaaaaahhhttt!

It's winter - loving those moddy shots

The area reminds of Cornwall

Our shit-hot tent. Free, thanks to City Backpackers Brisbane!

Ben - our car. Helen shows off his sleek lines.

Gareth and Ben (our Hyundai Accent), hanging out at Cape Naturaliste

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.

In there is a wild kangeroo. Honest...

Drive thru movies!

Tune in for sound baby!

Gareth in the forest, down near Augusta

The Augusta Forest

More of the Forest

Aw Yeah!

After getting back to the car, we headed across to Yallingup - a cool beach area on the west coast. There were surfers doing their thing and getting very cold in the process! The whole area had a 'Sennen Cove' kind of feel to it, with huge rolling wave and lots of surf kids hanging out, not doing very much.

We decided to camp in Yallingup after finding a really cool campsite at the top of the hill for $20. That evening we headed back to Busselton, to the Drive-In Movie park! For only $10 (4 quid) each, we got to watch 'The Pacifier' and 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' one after the other! It took us a while to work out that to get sound you could tune your car radio in (how cool is that?) and then off you go! I have to say - it was amazing - well worth the 30 minute drive. We loved it! Helen prefered The Pacifier and but Gareth was more into the geeky Hitchhiker's Guide, of course :-)

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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