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Gary and Lynne stopped by for one final hug...

It was a pretty steady climb coming out of Phoenix, didn't get...

6% grade coming down into the Verde Valley...

Pretty sky as we finished setting up!

We arrived at the Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood around 4:30 this afternoon. We got a late start (11am), but we only had a two hour drive. Gary and Lynne came by for one last hug before we hit the road. We really enjoyed our time together and we plan to visit here again in the next couple of years. We made a quick stop in Phoenix to see Stan and Phyllis. We needed a new pressure switch for the compressor that runs our airbags. And it was time to replace the RV step rugs. They held up for 3 years, so hard to complain. Think I'm going to like the new ones better than the old. They have more 'tread' on them so they should stop more of the dirt and small rocks. They also gave us a new supply of their t-shirts. If you are ever in the Phoenix area and need RV repair or parts, we highly recommend them. You'll get great service and a friendly face for sure! Here's a link to their website:

Visit SouthwestRV

After setting up we had a light dinner. We have really indulged this past week and my tummy is feeling it. So, salads and fruit for me for the next few days! We haven't got a real schedule but it looks like there is plenty to do and see over the next couple of days. We are taking the Verde River train ride on Wednesday. Can't wait for that! So that's it for now. We'll see what the morning brings. Thanks for checking in!

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