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Distance: 84.7km

Total riding time: 4.57hours

Average speed: 17.1km/hour

Maximum speed: 34.4km/hour

Number of calories spent: 986.1cal

Yep, Myles just installed a new computer on his bike.

Number of wrong turns taken: one (not noted by the computer)

She said:

Not happy to get up at 4am this morning, but it felt good to be on the bike again. Myles figured out our route out of Bangkok; it wasn't as painful as I anticipated. We were up early enough to see the food stands being assembled, and a few folks staggering home from a night of partying.

The road was flat for the most part, paved and smooth. Myles felt compelled to finger a bus driver, as he came thrillingly close to his bike. We passed large, recently flooded areas, food stands selling cactus juice and possibly fried rat.

He said:

Leaving at 4am was the original idea, but that just seemed too early so it was 5am instead. Hoping to avoid a little of the pollution was our main goal, but the pollution would not have that. The way out of Bangkok was pretty straightforward, but of course not without checking and double-checking with people along the way. The signs are pretty much all in Thai so it's a slow process. Eventually, we passed the last town attached to Bangkok, and as we did my headache went from a large roar to a small roar with the higher oxygen levels again. With Shrimp farms on the right, and shrimp farms on the left we had passed into the Thai countryside. Soon we were back in traffic again upon entering Chachoengsao, our destination for the evening.

p.s. They were in fact fried rats.

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