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Time for a bite to eat at the Tavern Grille!

Philly cheese for Lare...Lettuce wraps for me, yummy!

Plenty of oils to sample in here...

Love the barrels...

Cute Fandango's...

We'd planned to try a burger & shake here but they were...

Love the stone work here and the lights too!

We're coming back for a bit of exploring at 'Larry's', maybe tomorrow...

We had a good time today exploring Old Cottonwood. Shops, galleries and restaurants line Main Street and provide the backdrop for this quaint and colorful historic district. They include:

4 Wine Tasting Rooms

14 Cafes and Restaurants

10 Antique Stores

5 Galleries

3 Hotels

Fandango's offers a variety of metal art, leather, pottery, jewelry and rustic furniture. I especially liked the outside decor! They've done a great job keeping the town revitalized. Of 60 or 70 storefronts along North Main, maybe one was abandoned. We passed four antique shops, all inviting and unassuming. A cute shop selling rocks. There’s an art gallery, an olive oil shop, a café that makes its own gelato, the Orion Bread Company, specializing in natural ingredients, and a tasting room of the Pillsbury Wine Company, which has won some acclaim for its strictly Arizona wines. After lunch we decided to stop in at the Verde Valley Olive Oil Traders. The salesgirl was pleasant and knowledgeable. We left with a Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and a Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar. Yummy, can't wait to taste them on some fresh salmon or halibut.

And speaking of lunch, Larry had a wonderful prime rib Philly while I thoroughly enjoyed my lettuce wraps at the Tavern Grille. Owned by the same folks that serve awesome burgers at the Haunted Hamburger in nearby Jerome. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the beautiful weather while we did a bit of people watching. Don't you just love to people watch?

Afterward we walked from one end of town to the other. Unfortunately we arrived at 'Larry's Antique Store' just as they were closing so we'll have to return another day. With two acres of 'stuff' I'm sure we'll find it very interesting.

And speaking of interesting, it’s no myth that in 1947, John Wayne and Gail Russell, his leading lady in “Angel and the Badman,” would duck out from their set in Sedona, 19 miles away, to “romance,” as old timers here put it, at the Cottonwood Hotel on North Main. They also report that over breaks from her train rides between Broadway and Hollywood, Mae West stayed at the Cottonwood with her mentor and sometime lover, George Raft.

Well, that's it for today. We found Old Cottonwood easy to walk with lots to see, plenty of cute shops which are very unique and several nice wineries to visit. Good food too! A recommend for everyone heading to Sedona.

PS My camera was acting up today. I hope I have it repaired after returning home. I tried doing a reset, so we'll see. Anyway, took today's pics with my phone so give me a little slack, okay? LOL

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