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One of three lagoon's here at Dead Horse SP...Beautiful place to walk!

Love the blue heron's...

Note the pretty colors...

Lifting off...Wonder what this guy weighs?

It's a beautiful day...

There are three lagoons here at Dead Horse SP which means it's always a great place for a daily walk. A couple of blue herons like to hang around & I get a real kick out of watching them. They can be quite colorful, if you can get close enough to see them well. I marvel at their grace & ability to fly and wonder what a large one weighs.

Larry's biggest desire in life is the ability to fly. No, not on a plane or even a hang glider. But the actual ability to flap one's arms/wings, lol, and take off under your own speed & power. In fact, he dreams something along those lines fairly regularly. Our glass/mirrored closet door has taken many a 'kick' as he's tried to 'take off' during sleep! Thank goodness they've survived, lol.

Today is sort of bittersweet for my guys. This is the first year that they haven't attended the Nascar race in Las Vegas since it first came to town. We are watching it as I write this, but somehow it's just not the same. You know, the roar of the engines, the screaming & hollering as 'my guy' races by the fence in the lead. Of course we all know that changes many times during the race. Motorhome hill was an awesome place to be for sure. I was even 'allowed' to go hang with the guys a time or two!

Well, that's it for now. Time to go prepare lunch. Enjoy your day and stay safe out there!

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