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Larry & I, atop Devil's Bridge, here in Sedona, Az....

Yesterday was moving day, although we only moved to another spot here at the campground. During the last two weeks we've dumped our kitchen & shower using the 'blue boy' several times. It's not a pleasant job, although Larry has it down pretty well. We were diligent enough to ensure that the black tank made it the entire two weeks, but it was quite full when we arrived at the dump station. We're still dealing with an 'injured' landing gear, so that's a bit stressful, but all went well and we're all settled in for another week. We have an appointment to have a new 'leg' installed next Friday in Glendale, Az at Southwest RV. As you know we get as much of our RV repair and maintenance work done there as possible. Fair prices, great work and honest as the day is long. If you need anything done in the Phoenix area we highly recommend contacting them.

Here's a link to their website: Southwest RV

The past couple of days have been spent doing mundane things like laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning etc. I've been noticing that we need to expand into some 'deeper cleaning' soon. Maybe I'm having a touch of 'Spring Cleaning Fever'? I purchased a couple of bottles of wood cleaner and think I will tackle the entire interior of the 5'er over the next few days. Do you remember Fuller Brush? Yep, a name from the past isn't it! Well, that's the cleaner I am going to use so I hope it does a good job. I also hope to enlist a bit of help from hubby! This might be a bigger job than one little girl can handle, lol :)

Yesterday we had a late lunch/early dinner at a Mexican restaurant here in Cottonwood. We've noticed that there's always a lot of vehicles in the Plaza Bonita lot when we pass by. Usually a good sign. And, we weren't disappointed, it was very good. Cheese enchilada, shredded beef taco, rice & beans for Larry and chicken fajitas for me. Thumbs up on it all!

We had an interesting conversation on our way to the restaurant. It all started because Onyx didn't want to get out of the truck after moving earlier in the day. I commented that she seems to be getting more stubborn as she ages. Larry came back with "that seems to be the case with all women as they age". Really????? He also noted that "men get quieter and more meek with age". Really???? He remembered a time when his Mom Maybel, at age 90, told him "I am 90 years old and nobody is going to tell me what to eat or what to do". My Mom is still alive and kicking and is in her 80's and I find she has a few of those attributes as well. (Love you Mom, just kidding!)

So maybe Larry is right??? But not about everything. I think I've met a few "cantankerous" old men in my time, so I don't find them to all be "quiet & meek". Fortunately, I live & love one of the good one's. Hopefully he finds me to be extremely flexible, pleasant and fun to live with! At least most of the time!!!!!!

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