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When I had my Achilles surgery in May, we anticipated having to stay close to home until the holidays. This makes our departure today extra sweet. We have reservations and plans for the winter, but this part of the trip is unclear at this point. We have made a reservation for Rocky Mountain National Park and plan to head toward Oregon to see the Colombia Gorge and Crater Lake, but forest fires have broken out in the area and we might drag our heels until the smoke literally has cleared.

We have been reading that as the economy has improved, more and more folks are buying RV's, which is making campgrounds crowded. But we're hoping that now that the kids have gone back to school and their parents back to work, the world will be ours once again and we can mosey around whimsically. Today we are staying in an Army Corps of Engineers campground, no reservation needed. As the corps builds dams and creates lakes, campgrounds are also part of their mission. Inevitably every corps campground we've stayed in has been a spectacular spot and we can stay for half price with our Golden Age geezer passes. We would stay in them more often, but they are generally off the beaten track. Here we are about five miles off I-80, overlooking an inlet parked on a spacious concrete pad with a fire ring.

The first day out is when you discover what you forgot to bring from home. On a trip like this, it's easy to replace many things, but the last few trips I have forgotten: my engagement ring, my glasses, my contact lenses, and prescription medication. Not available at Walmart. This is probably a sign of an aging brain, so I was extra careful this time. So far so good.

When we took a short camping trip to the Indiana Dunes at the end of July, one of our slide walls was broken. We wanted to get it repaired by the manufacturer, who was located nearby, but he had no appointment slots available until December. So we made a reservation to repair it in Grand Haven MI where we bought our rig. The day we picked up the motor home for the drive to Grand Haven, the slide worked perfectly, so we cancelled the reservation and were happy not to make that eight hour round trip drive. So, of course, today the slide did not work again. Ken can crawl into the basement and hot-wire it, but this is far from convenient. We're hoping another day of bouncing down the highway, will loosen it up once again.

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