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Arr 'early' at midnight, the 14th, but stay on ferry the night getting a taxi to IH Hostel Manaus arr about 7 am...very tired! Together w/ Italian friend, Enrico (70 yr young, lives in S. foot of Italy on family 'farm'), we took taxis to Hostel Manaus where we stayed 'til 11 am resting and waiting until they knew they had room in dorms for us. They had a 5r. breakfast of much fruit, bread, coffee/tea, chez and meat. Afterward Bon & I headed for bus station 20 min. away by city bus...tho we had to hunt down where to get it...the city center bus place which is a bit of a walk took some time to figure out. We now realize how lucky we've been in Spanish speaking places having some language understanding and speaking ability really makes the experience much more pleasant! Once at the long distance bus terminal, it was easy to get the tickets for tomor, 10 am bus to Boa Vista, 13 hr ride for $25 US each!!

Back to city center and another bus ride, 14 km and 30 min. to Port where we hire a boatman to take us out in the river and see 'Encontro das Aguas'

Meeting of Two Rivers

Here is where the Amazon and Rio Negro meet along a 40 km stretch where the two different colored waters, different speeds, different temperatures keep them from mixing! Quite a unique and amazing phenomenon...check out the pics!

Amazon River Info


UPDATE 1-1-2020


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