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Perth baby!

Helen hanging out on William Street

Some film coming up...

Perth landscape

Gareth and Helen near the Art Gallery of Western Australia

We randomly bump into Rebecca (of Cook Islands fame!)

**Nice and tall.

G + H bumping around town!

Helen showing off in Perth!

BankWest building. Mmm.

One of the main shopping areas in Perth

More of leafy Perth!

Myer in Perth

Helen looks down at the city

England 1 - Australia 0

One of the fantastic shopping areas in the city!

It's only 5 years old!!

Random waterfall in front of someone's garden??!

Looking over to the Art Gallery and the city centre (CBD)

The downtown Business District - where Gareth stomps around looking for a...

More of the architecture in Perth


Lots of wierd things going on...

Nice use of glass.

It's all a bit tall and glass ridden - we love it!

Modern... but leafy.

We come all this way and still the local rugby team from...

The city from afar...

Perth as the sun sets...

Our hostel on William St in Northbridge. Classy.

Hi everyone!

Closer than ever! We are now only 9243 miles away from Penzance! (+7 hours!)

We have now left Brisbane and the east coast far behind and are now right over on the west coast after travelling 2235 miles (3597 km) across Australia. The flight was great - it all looks great!!

So we'll get back to you with more news soon!

So cheers to Charlie - good luck mate!

...and thanks to everyone at City Backpackers (cheers for the tent) - best wishes to Paul and Vicky and also Becky and Sander!

Now let's smash the west coast...

Lots of love Gareth and Helen

P.S. We're keeping an eye on the election too - hope you all voted... See ya!!

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