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A beautiful morning, love the clouds!

Plenty of agriculture in the area...

My window is installed...

I really like it!

Cuts the light but more importantly the heat in the afternoon...

The babies are here, see the eggshell still on the feathers?

And in the back of the nest...

Mama is safely back on her nest...

Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful with clouds in the sky for a change! Yippeee, you all know how I love my clouds. I snapped a few pics as we drove over to meet Gary and Lynne. We drove about an hour to shop at the Mesa Market Swap Meet. What an awesome place to buy most anything you can possibly imagine! A true shoppers dream, especially if your home is decorated in a southwest 'motif'. There are some beautiful handmade things there. As well as all of the traditional swap meet 'stuff'. T-shirts (we bought some of course), sandals, wallets, phone cases and the list goes on. We had fun.

Arriving back home, Larry and Gary installed our new front door window. I love it! And it accomplishes exactly what I was looking for....knocks out some of the heat and brightness of the afternoon sun. In these 90+ temperatures it is really nice. On top of the fact that stained glass is always pretty. Afterward we went out for dinner and spent a couple of more hours chatting. We are really enjoying their company. Dropping us back off at home we made arrangements to meet at 7:30am to go to a few garage sales before Gary's golf date at noon. Larry and I spent the afternoon resting and then we were invited for a bbq at Gary and Lynne's, along with Lynne's sister Michelle and her hubby Mark. Another enjoyable evening with good company.

And finally, today we made another trip back to the Mesa Market to pick up a few more things, with a quick stop at Costco as well. We have been going through batteries like crazy with our Wii. And I wanted to pick up some Almonds and some turkey jerky. Unfortunately, they didn't have any today. Ah well, maybe another time. We did grab a rotisserie chicken for dinner this evening.

The baby hummingbirds were born yesterday! Mama was on the nest then, but today she left for a bit so we were able to get fairly close and take a few pics. They are so cute! Small, with little yellow beaks. You can see a small piece of egg shell still on the side of one of the babies, and there are remnants in the nest. Mama didn't stay gone long and we backed off to give her space. So the final picture was taken from the bedroom window through the glass so as not to disturb her after she settled back in.

Unfortunately it is time to move on, so we will be leaving tomorrow morning. We have enjoyed our time here so much. Good friends are hard to come by, and this 51 year friendship is so special to Larry. And now to me. I got to know Gary and Lynne much better this trip and it has been a real pleasure. They would make great RV'ers! A part of the group we call 'special folks'. You RV'ers know what I mean, right?

Well, time to hit the sack. Lots to do in the morning before we pull out. See you on down the road!

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