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Today is our last full day on the ship. We have no excursions planned because the ship is staying in port until 2:00 PM then heading back to Waikiki. We have a free day on the ship.

We slept in a little later, going to breakfast at The Skyline Restaurant at around 9:00 AM. We had a good breakfast, Cheryl having pancakes and I an omelet with a side of bacon. Nice meal. After breakfast we needed to do some administrivia in preparation for leaving tomorrow. We had been told to check our billing to ensure all was correct. I checked the bill on the TV and discovered some issues. I am supposed to have a drink plan that said basically I can drink anything I can pour down my throat up to $15 per drink, and it is covered in the package. If I have a drink that is more expensive, I pay the difference. I found a number of charges for restaurants and bars and figured that I had been charged for all alcoholic drinks. The screen said that if I had any questions, I should call the customer service desk. I did. It was explained to me that the bill I see on the TV shows all of the drinks at full price. She checked a couple and said that the actual bill shows just the tax for the drinks. She explained that I could come to the customer service desk and I could get a printout of my actual bill. I was going to get into asking about the value of the bill on the TV, but decided I wouldn't get an answer that would satisfy me. She did say that she frequently gets questions about this. My reaction was "Ya think?"

This day we also received the instructions for disembarking. We needed to be out of our rooms by 9:00 AM. I had a hotel reservation for 3:00 PM check-in time. We needed to decide what we were going to do while we were homeless. Then Cheryl saw the answer in the newsletter. We could book an excursion that would take us to Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri right from the ship and that would drop us off at our hotel at the end of the day. Sounds like a plan.

We headed downstairs to see the customer service desk (my bill was correct), and the excursions desk to book our trip then decided to stroll around the ship and decide what to do for lunch. We found that there was going to be a BBQ lunch near one of the pools. Sounded like a plan. We strolled back to our room and relaxed until lunch. At noon we headed for the pool area, and found the BBQ. They had the usual type of stuff. Hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw French fries, etc.

After lunch we decided to try some shuffleboard. We walked to one of the two courts and were ready to play when we discovered that there was no equipment. We walked to the other side where there was another court and found equipment there but someone else was using it. We asked them where they got the equipment, and they said that the ship lost the second set of equipment, so only one was available. We sat on the deck while the others were finishing their game speculating on what may have happened to the other equipment. Was it put away in the wrong place, was it thrown overboard in anger? We'll probably never know. After a while the equipment became available and we started our game. At one point, a gentleman came by and asked us about the game. We told him the basics of the rules (at least the way we play it) and let him try a couple of shots. After a bit he started to get the hang of it. He thanked us and we resumed. CHeryl and I split two games, then sat on the deck.

There was an attraction coming up. When the ship set sail at 2 PM, it sailed along the coast of Kauai to the Na Pali coast. It was billed as one of the best natural wonders in Hawaii. The ship was scheduled to pass it between 5:00 and 6:00. We got a couple of drinks then sat on the port side deck. We were there for a while when the ship turned and we were now sitting in the sun. Very hot! We decided to sit in our room for a while to cool off. When we got there we discovered our room was on the port side of the ship. Our balcony became a prime viewing spot. And when it got too hot, we could slip inside and not lose our seats.

Five o'clock came and they were right. This 15 mile stretch of coastline is spectacular. It has terrain that plunges from 4,000 ft. elevation down to sea level. The sheer drops with a valley in the middle was incredible. We listened to some narration while watching and were told that this spot was used for a number of movies, including "Seven Days Six Nights", "Jurassic Park", "King Kong" " The Descendants" and many others. We watched until it got dark, then headed to dinner.

Back to The Liberty Restaurant for dinner. Cheryl had pork spare ribs, and I had sirloin medallions. We were just starting the bread at the beginning of the meal when our dinner was interrupted by an incredible rainbow in front of Na Pali. Our waitress told us we should get up from the table and go out on the deck to get pictures. We and a number of others did just that. back to the table just as our appetizers were arriving. Good timing. Both of the meals were very good. Dinner finished, we walked around a little more, then back to the room. We needed to pack and have our suitcases in the hallway before midnight to be picked up. We made it, then turned in for the evening.

Tomorrow: Leaving the ship and Pearl Harbor.

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