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Through the jungle

leaf tailed lizard



Ranomafana River


Golden Lemur

On the bridge


Giraffe beetles


As we went to bed the night before a colorful moth wouldn’t leave our room until we closed up all the windows. We also packed up a bundle of laundry to be done today.

Up at seven and everything was very misty – low lying clouds. Packed our day gear and then breakfast then off to the van. Up the mountain again to the Ranomafana National Park. Very misty there as well and we met our guide. He took us to see a leaf tailed lizard, then we descended into the jungle.

Down a well done path then across a very nice bridge. There was a troop of brown lemurs around the bridge, and one male who was running along the hand rail. Lots of pictures then he ran off to joing the others. Also the very large spiders were in abundance.

Then off into the wild. We trekked for a while then spotted a troop of brown bamboo lemurs – wandered off the trail to see then, and our tour was joined by a couple others. Some good shots but mostly shots of twigs and vines. After much oohing and ahhing we headed off again.

A bit later we came across another troop of lemurs – high up mostly. We were joined by several other tour groups and a real traffic jam developed.

We broke away from the gang of tours and wandered around a bit. Found a troop of black and while lemurs that was quite large – and quite off the path. Rather quickly other tours showed up.

We took a short break at an overlook and had some photos taken of people, then headed back. At the bridge we moved off the trail a bit and saw the last two Golden Bamboo Lemurs in this area of the park. They are quite rare and were only described in the 1980s. Father and daughter and no breeding ever between them.

Finally back up the trail (and quite exhausted) and to the parking lot, One guy enticed me to see a chameleon for a tip. Nice critter! Then back into town for lunch at a new place.

To our hotel for a short break then off to another part of the park for another walk – a bit more level this time. We walked along a way then we spotted a giraffe neck beetle – very neat! Then of and spotted two more troops of lemurs and several off the trail treks. Then back to the van for the trip back to the hotel.

After got laundry, then to dinner and finally, in the rain, pack for tomorrow and settle in for the night.

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