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The White House

Coming into Ocean City

Part of the boardwalk at Ocean City

The Atlantic Ocean

By the way, the sign in Ocean City does say Sacramento 3073

I went to the places in Rockville that I found through talking with my family and the research done with the help of others. I can't say I was disappointed. We went to the places where we thought was the spot that might have been our home and where my grandfather owned a building. I figured the buildings may not be there and they weren't. Not really a disappointment, just nice to go by those spots.

Next spot we went by was Garfield Memorial hospital, where I was born. That was a little confusing. We knew the hospital was converted to a school for nursing. But when we got to the address shown on the internet, the building at that address looked like a small store with apartments above. However, across the street was a high school in a building that looked like it could have been a nursing school. Also Howard University was within a block away. Like I said, confusing.

Being in D.C. we had to drive by the White House. Well, we tried. The area is set up for pedestrian traffic only. Looking around, it was probably best not to even think about finding a parking space for our RV.

So off to Ocean City we went. It took longer than we initially expected. The day before the GPS said it would take about 2 1/2 hours. When we programmed it in this time, it said drive time was 3 1/2 hours.

We made it there safe and sound but in time to enjoy the boardwalk for a little while and have a nice dinner.

Today, we went back to the boardwalk. We hung out, did some touristy stuff and had yogurt. All this while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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