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Driftwood along beach at La Push

Carin next to tree stump driftwood

Forest Suneams

Joanne and Bob

Sea Arch

2018-09-22.La Push

We arrived in Forks, Washington site of the Twilight Novels and Books. Naturally, with tongue in cheek, the local gas station displayed the Fire Danger Graph but instead of it showing the fire levels from low/moderate/high/extreme on a half circle arc, it read: "Vampire Danger" and used the same scale as for fires. There was also a Vampire Treaty Line. What a funny exploitation of the book/movie theme. Of course, we kept garlic close by and Bob had his wooden stake ready to use just in case.

We are staying at Riverview RV Park and I must say that the owner of this place is the nicest person. We had some issues getting here and she held a spot open for us for two days without any charge. We are in a "premium" spot and it is quite nice. The site is full hook up, level and fully stoned (not from the available cannabis that is legal here in Washington state). The stone part is important because it rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon, evening and this morning too but because of the stones, we were high and dry. And, our friends Graham and Carin made a special delivery of our mail that arrived at their home yesterday after we left. They drove the 80 miles to meet us here and we all drove to La Push, a small town on the Quillayute Indian Reservation, that supports an RV Park and hotel, a restaurant, schools, a town and an impressive fishing fleet. We had lunch at the restaurant with a wonderful view of the fishing fleet and huge stacked islands.

Wet is the word I would use for this part of Washington; not surprising given that we are in a rainforest. But it is also incredibly beautiful and wild. We walked out to First Beach with its enormous toppled driftwood logs looking like twisted demons of the deep. The size of the driftwood was astounding, dwarfing all of us. Then, because dogs are not allowed on National Park trails, I hiked the trail alone to Beach #2. What an amazing sight and hard to describe. It had rained most of the morning. Finally, the sun came out but the woods were still wet. The sun penetrated the dense canopy of the rainforest here and there in misty beams while the drops of rain that fell earlier made their way from the tree tops to the forest below. Spiderwebs glistened in the sunlight, the silk shimmering like a delicate diamond necklace adorning the tress. Colorful mushrooms burst from the soil and every inch of the forest from its floor to its roof was covered in moss, lichens, bushes and ferns. The sound in the forest was muted, broken only by the occasional whistle of a bird in the canopy. It was not until you were within sight of the beach that you could hear the surf. But, what a sight! The driftwood stacked up against the forest edge was so high that you had to crawl and climb over, under, and around it. The breathtaking sight that greets you was worth the hike and scramble. Waves crashed around sea stacks, their forested tops looking like a high and tight haircut against clean-shaven cliffs. A large sea arch hewn through the rock gave views to the surf beyond. What is so awe-inspiring is the sheer size of everything from the massive old growth trees to the granite pillars in the sea. It is truly a wild and wonderful place.t

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