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Daily Jan 11

Mel's Equator Certificate

Mary's Equator Certificate

The Vikings came out to administer the equator crossing ceremony

Norse God of the seas AEGIR and his mermaid daughter hosted the...

The captain and officier bit into the fish and crossed the pool...

Mary and Mel surviving their plunge into the pool.

Everyone lobbied Heather Clancy the cruise director to take the plunge also.

We each got an Equator Crossing certificate - here is mine

Mel's Equator Certificate

Crossing the equator 2,216 miles from LA, 640 to Nuku Hiva. Avg speed 25 miles per hour

Naval term of the day – Groggy – means you have had too much grog

Slept 11 hours straight last night. Really needed it. Woke to sunshine and it was sunny most of the day.

At the shore excursion lecture today they told us don’t drink the water, only drink can stuff like beer. I guess the will be tasting more beer. Also, tipping is not expected and considered rude.

The main event is that we crossed the equator today, which calls for a special ceremony. You called a Pollywog and must present yourself to Gods of the Sea (generally Neptune, but since we are on Viking, it was the Norse God Egor). We then had to kiss a fish, plunge into the pool and drink a glass of Aguavit,a Norweign liquor. We then became Shellbacks. Some of the crew dressed up as Vikings to urge us on. Some crew members who had not crossed the equator had to confess their sins ( short sheeting the beds), do the plunge and drink the Aquavit. Mel and I joined about 100 other passengers with the fish kiss, plunge and drink. It was a fun time and we got certificates afterwards.

Dinner was at the Chef’s Table which rotates set themed menu with wine parings. Today was Panorama Asia. It started with a appetizer of King crab with coconut foam. Next was Lobster and chicken Sui Mia dumplings which was really good. There was a lychee/chili frozen ice to clear the palate. Main course was Peking duck, I few slices of breast with mini pancakes and Duck thigh meat shredded in a burrito type thing. Mel liked the sliced breast, not crazy about the burrito part. Dessert was a trio of green tea cheesecake (yumm), Cream Brule (Mel’s favorite) and a spring roll of banana and dulce leche.

It was interesting food and thankfully the portions were small. The wines were good but they were from Portugal, France and Italy with Limoncello with the deserts. What happened to Asian wines? Anyway, we immediately left the restaurant and went to the buffet to have a piece of cheese pizza. The pizza is thin sliced and can be counted on to be good.

Falling asleep early after all the wine at dinner. We are cheap drunks!

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