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Theme park inside Edmonton Mall

Sealion show - inside the Mall

Water Theme Park - inside the Mall

Edmonton city

Edmonton Street Car

On the Street Car

Mural - with artist doing some touch up jobs after 10 yrs

Princess Patricia Park

Light Infintry memorial

Did a city tour today, then the Street Car ride a drive around the city. It's such a shame when you visit these towns and cities that the local government want to tear down all the old buildings and build a new shiny no character highrise. Why do they think it's what the people want!

Riding the Street Car was a real treat - dates back to 1913 and has been totally restored. The Street Car named 'Melbourne' that use to run in Melbourne Australia will be running here in Edmonton for Canada Day. Wow, the celebration is huge here - but then it is their 150 yr celebration.

Off to Saskatoon tomorrow - a long day ahead of us driving!

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