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Painted dog

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The falls

The falls again

Up early and off to breakfast. A family of vervet monkeys were all around and we had to chase them away from the food and the truck. They also got into the trash. But we finally finished and packed up the red elephant and said goodbye to Hwange.

After only about an hour we stopped in at the painted dog rehabilitation center to see their work. They helped heal sick or injured wild dogs and try to integrate them back into the wild. They dogs were once considered a pest and hunted almost to extinction but they are making some recovery. Most are now killed by snares and cars. We bought a Guinea Fowl sculpture made partly from snare wire.

Then off on the long trek to Victoria Falls. We stopped once to buy watermelon from a kid by the roadside. Had lunch that included the melon which was OK. A quick cleanup and off we went.

We stopped again to buy raw honey from some more kids on the road and it was quite good. It was a long ride though.

Arriving at Victoria Falls we had lunch at Mama Africa’s restaurant and Jan and I had t-shirts made to commemorate the trip. Food was quite good and there was a nice sculpture garden right across the street.

We stopped in at an adventure place and decided on activities for tomorrow - zip line (two of them), a village tour, and a Boma dinner at a local restaurant. I tried to get some cash but all of the ATMs were either out of order or empty seems there is a shortage of cash right now in Zimbabwe.

Then we headed off to Victoria Falls itself. We were issued ponchos and headed into the park. The first view of the falls was spectacular - falling over 100 meters and in high water it was amazing. As we walked along we could see a perpetual rainbow from the mist being thrown up. As we went along we entered areas of heavy rain from the up flow of the water. Soaking! You could see a line where there was heavy rain then almost nothing. The view of the falls was masked then visible as the mist came in and out. By the time we got to the end of the walk we were soaked.

We walked back with Maxwell and examined trees and bushes eating a variety of berries we found along the way. We all agreed that the falls were absolutely stunning - a sight that was worth the whole trip!

We headed off to the Rainbow Hotel and got our room. Showered and went to dinner at the hotel. We had a nice conversation with Shadrick and Maxwell talking about the US as well as African culture. Both men are quite friendly and more than just guides.

Then back to the room for a very nice shower. Also finally had internet connection (couldn’t get earlier as my netbook has no dash symbol which as part of the password. Checked school emails and all seems to be well. I’ll have a lot of work to do on Monday!

Finally off to bed after a remarkable day!

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