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In the foyer

From the outside

Where are my swimmers when I need them?!?

Mum's first ever selfie

Lunch - at Marks and Spencer

Shopping ... the English experience

Luke in London ... in the subway (I think)

The room at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington

A two pound bike ride through Kensington Gardens

Lunch in London at the Prince of Wales

Finally ... a squirrell


Ready for our yummy dinner

Mike relaxing ready for dinner


Look!! It was yum!!

Today Janine and Luke headed off to London for a couple of days. Mum and I dropped them off at the train station early this morning (peak hour traffic in the centre of Bolton!!) and then managed to make it back to the Mercure until we were to meet up with Mike and Rona.

Mardi took some great photos of the Mercure (as that's where we spent the morning I've uploaded some photos so you can see where we are staying), and taught herself a new skill ... how to take a selfie!!

We headed to Braddyll Street to meet up at 11am. Mike and I took an extremely useful trip to the Bauxhall dealer in the Bolton Town Centre to pick up a touch up pen for the rental car ... don't ask!! We were gone for about three quarters of an hour but my guess is that Mardi and Rona talked the entire time we were gone ... about the family tree.

We three ladies then took off for a spot of shopping, at the Macron Stadium shopping centre. We firstly had lunch at Marks and Spencer, then wandered around the department store and after we'd finished there we went in next door to ASDA to buy dinner. It was a fun experience ... and I never thought I'd ever say that about grocery shopping.

Once we'd finished buying all that we needed (and some items we didn't really need, but liked the look of and couldn't live without) we went back to Mike and Rona's for the afternoon. It was a great couple of hours of tracing the family tree on After some great detective work by Mardi and Mike we found a couple of really interesting snippets. We located Margaret Gregory (Rona's father's mother / my father's great grandmother). Before today we didn't know anything about her at all. And now we know who she is, when she was born and we will be looking for her gravestone tomorrow when we go to the cemetery to see what we can find. It was a really good afternoon's work!

Dinner was delicious ... you may be forgiven for thinking that eating is all we are doing this holiday but we are doing a little more than that, I assure you. I let you know about our culinary delights because they are so delicious and I want to make you envious.

Rona and I laughed all afternoon while we were preparing the meal. I'm not exactly sure what we were laughing about, but everything we did or said was extremely funny. We did, however, manage to cook and laugh at the same time. After we planned our tomorrow's outing, Mardi and I headed home to turn in for the night. It was a very rewarding day (in particular, for the family tree)!

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