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Sugar Mill, Tully

View from our site Cairns Caravan Park

Our site

Caravan staff cooking pancakes


Chinaman's Creek, Cairns

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades

Road Cairns to Port Douglas

Lookout road Cairns to Port Douglas

Port Douglas Beach

St Mary's by the Sea church, Port Douglas

Jetty Port Douglas

From jetty above

Anne walking Mossman Gorge

Growth on a branch, Mossman Gorge

Rocks, Mossman Gorge

Strangler Fig, Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge

Ferns on branch

Hi All,

Cairns stop was for 7 days to ensure everything was in working order. To achieve this goal there was another tap in the van to changeover, done by M in 90 minutes (plumber would take 15) plus a doctor’s visit to sort out crook ears on again poor old M, so now, as we leave, all is well.

In addition to the above we used the time in Cairns to visit some neighbours from home, (up on a holiday), a couple we met on the European River Cruise and an old nursing mate of A’s, who we ended up catching up with 3 times. We also added some places we had not been before including beautiful gardens and waterfalls called Crystal Cascades and relaxed in one of our favourite caravan parks in Australia.

Departing Cairns we headed north about 70kms to Port Douglas which will our last stop on the east coast until we get home, from here its inland and west for quite a while. The drive up from Cairns encompasses the road running immediately beside the water for about 40kms, absolutely spectacular countryside and a nice easy drive even though it’s quite winding and twisty.

Whilst here though we visited Port Douglas township (as you do) and Mossman Gorge. When we last here in 2009 we loved Mossman Gorge. Since then its popularity has meant substantial changes, a new huge car/bus/caravan park has been built and the only vehicles on the narrow winding road in is the Gorges’ shuttle buses for which you pay. When reading the info on the Gorge it seems you need to do tours with indigenous guides but this is not so, you get the bus in and you walk. We did the walk rainforest all 3.6kms of it and given our situation we were delighted in the outcome as it was quiet hilly and rocky, but it was just beautiful.

As other parts of Australia are experiencing very cold and wet weather we however are enjoying 29 degrees and glorious sunshine.

And so, as ever, the adventure continues.

Love and best wishes

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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