Alaska 2016 travel blog

You would think there would be a tour to see the Kodiak Bear, but there wasn't which did turn our OK with us. We woke to rain and cold, around 49 degrees. Some people did go into Kodiak, we did not! We had only planned on walking around and from what we understood from others who did go into Kodiak, we did not miss much. Kodiak is situated on a island and is primarily a fishing and hunting community. It caters to tourists searching for goats, bears, deer, etc to hunt. We stayed in and watch "Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens", good but not like the first and only other one we have seen. I was not happy when they killed off Harrison Ford! We also went to the show "Heat" starring the Maasdam singers and dancers. It was a South American influenced extravaganza full of high energy dancing and authentic music from South America. I also attended a workshop for photography and computer skills and went and had a full body massage. Quiet but relaxing fun day for us.

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