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As some of you have already observed there has been some problems with the Journal and the delivery of Update Notices. It was learned three days ago that the problem was not on my end but with Woodall’s. A message was received this afternoon, just after we set up at the Santa Rosa RV Park in Santa Rosa, New Mexico saying they believe that the problem has been fixed. We shall see.

May 1

We extended our stay because we wanted to tour Albuquerque’s Old Town and we spent a lot of time trying to follow directions given to us by the campground staff. Their directions took us down old highway 66 through town but they left off a couple of key turns. We had a new and complete map of Albuquerque we got from AAA but the Old Town District was not shown on the map. There was a West Old Town on the map but it was on the other end of town from where the campground people told us to go.

After several miles and back tracking we finally stumbled onto a sign that said Old Town and the buildings obviously were living up to that title. The buildings were old but well maintained with some looking like they had been remodeled and/or rebuilt. It is a quant area with old narrow streets, a large church, and across from the church, a large center park.

It seemed that there were restaurants every twenty feet with vendors and stores selling anything and everything with any type of Mexican or Indian (Native American Indian) connection. Neither Ross nor Marge is much interested in either of these cultures so it was easy to bypass these vendors. As they would pass-by a restaurant they would review the menus as they walked. It was well past lunch time and both were hungry. As they were reading the menu at the High Noon Restaurant & Saloon a patron was leaving and they asked the gentleman if the food was good and he gave the place a rave review. So in they went and they were not at all disappointed. Marge had a flat iron steak and Ross had a shrimp enchilada. Both meals came with chili peppers as does all most every meal served in the state of New Mexico

After their meal they walked around Old Town some more before returning to their truck and heading back to the motorhome. By the time they got back to the motorhome they had decided to spend another day in Albuquerque so they could take the Sandia Peak Aerial Tram the next morning. They also made an appointment at the Pets Mart dog grooming shop to have the dog trimmed and bathed as he was filthy and beginning to look a little shaggy.

May 2

The campground has a Continental Breakfast each day and Ross and Marge decided to try the breakfast this morning as they had plenty of time because the dog groomer appointment was not until 1000. After leaving the dog at the groomer they drove to the parking area for the Sandia Peak Aerial Tram. When they arrived it looked like every grade school in New Mexico with their accompanying adult chaperones were going to take the same trip and it seemed that it was utter chaos at the ticket counter and tram boarding area.

To their surprise they were given tickets on Flight 7 (term used by the tram company) and Flight 6 was just boarding. There are two tram cars and the round trip for each car, including loading and off loading at each end takes about twenty minutes. There is a restaurant at the top and with all the rug rats traveling Ross and Marge did not think they would be able to get a table for lunch. However, it seems the rug rats brought their own lunches Ross & Marge were seated within a minute of walking into the restaurant. Once again they both were treated to excellent meals. Ross had an excellent turkey, cheese, and chili pepper sandwich; and Marge had a great portabella mushroom, cheese and chili pepper sandwich.

The tram was built in 1955 at a cost of $2.0 million dollars which was reported to be about $30.0 million in today’s dollars. The tram is said to be the world’s longest at 2.7 miles. The starting elevation is 6995 feet and the upper elevation is 10,378 feet and it is reported that from this vantage point, on a clear day, you can see more that 11,000 square miles of New Mexico. In the winter there is a ski lift on the backside of the mountain and you can guess what the activity it is during the winter months.

The view at the top is outstanding but today it was degraded slightly by a dust haze that has been hanging over the city for several days. According the weather reports the dust is the result of strong winds coming in from Texas which stir up the fine dust from the desert floor.

After the tram ride went drove to Costco, located just around the corner from the dog groomer where Ross refueled the truck and then Ross and Marge went shopping Costco for a couple food items they needed.

After picking up the dog it was about 1500, and the afternoon traffic was beginning to pick up, so they headed back to the motorhome where they simply read and relaxed. Later on Marge made a big salad and that was their dinner.

The dishwasher was being used to wash their dirty dishes and for some reason it failed to complete a full cycle. A couple of hours was spent on trying several fixes but at this time they are uncertain if the dishwasher is fixed.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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