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Breakfast Beverage - the villan of the piece

The Cup Snowman

Main Street - note pot holes

Me at the Split (North end of Island)

Many birds

Cemetary = part of the shortcut to the hotel

The sky


Picture I bought (similar to this)

My view from the chair on th ebeach

Selfie on the way back from getting the Imodium

Well, not the best of days. Got up at 7:00 and did all the morning stuff then met up. The day did not look good – it was warm (low 70s) but overcast and very windy. Yesterday was clear and sunny and it was a travel day. Oh well.

Then to Martin’s restaurant for breakfast – a second story place with a plastic cup snowman and a couple people who look old and worn. I ordered tea, eggs (over easy), and pancakes. They brought scrambled eggs, green tea (tepid) a couple overcooked pancakes and a glass of pale orange drink. It was OK but I’ve had better. Much better.

Then Anna took us on a tour of the town – not hard to do since it is only two streets wide and about 25 side to side. We stopped at the dive shop as there was a half day snorkel included with the tour. Come to find out that that had been cancelled without notifying anyone but the guide… But the three hour dive was $35 (US) so I said I’d be back for the 1:00 trip.

Off down the road past restaurants, “super markets” (all run by Chinese), dive shops, and souvenir stands. At the end was the Lazy Lizard – quite empty. There were lots of pelicans and sea gulls but not much else. Took some pictures then headed back to the hotel. I stopped in for a bit then went back out to look at stuff in a more leisurely fashion. As I was passing the dive shop I asked about the trip and it had been canceled. Rough water. Stopped at another place – same story.

Really too bad – but it turned out for the best I think. I got back to the hotel and found Montezuma’s Revenge had taken hold. I’m guessing from the unboiled tea or that orange stuff. So I spent some time dealing with that, went back out to get something to eat, then sat on the beach (in easy reach of the room) and read while the waves rolled in on my feet – hotel is on the leeward side of the island.

Back in the room I was so exhausted I took a nap for about three hours, got up and was still sick, so I bundled up and traveled off to find some medicine. Walking by an art shop I saw a really nice painting so I stopped in. Then hurried to the supermarket where I bought four (4) Imodium pills – the clerk just opened the package and handed them to me.

Now back at the room and still feeling weasy. Think I’ll skip dinner and just relax. I did not see the sun even once today.

Later that evening I ate a bunch of crackers and things seem a bit better. I heard the lost people have arrived - but I really didn't feel up to greeting the. Tomorrow we will be four!

I still have to pack up tonight and figure what to wear tomorrow. That will be difficult.

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