Our 2013 Laos and Cambodia Trip travel blog

Watch out for the slowly men!

less big traffic now

bright paintwork

talking bird

looks like wash day

some places are like mansions

water at last


sabaidee kids outside a monastery

photo time with our hitchhiker friends

Chris, Ryan, Hanna

Mr Whippy

monks on bikes

a popular colour in laos

eggs, watermelon and cucumber for lunch

tree roots that can be made into art and furniture

the 10 second fuel up

the long road

sabaidee kids

we didn't know there was an armed guard on the bridge

river views

Mr Dumpling

water break at 85ks


charcoal kilns ??

a guesthouse at 100ks !!

Thursday Feb 28 100ks to ½ way to Pakse (also Pakxe) 5hr:15 ride time , Average 19kph

Our guesthouse may not have had running water, and we had to bathe, wash clothes and flush the loo with a bowl from a huge bucket of water, but we had a “goldilocks” sleep, the bed was just right, not too soft nor too hard. We slept under damp towels with the fan going all night, just to keep cool. A 7.30am start allowed us to ride 3 hrs before it hit 34C. The air was blue with smoke and heat-haze, which I think helped to keep the “burn”down. Pete phoned Marge and Ray and as he got back on his bike, his pedal bit the back of his ankle. At 20ks we had a Pepsi stop and a lady at the shop watched with great interest as we patched up the wound. The bird in the cage here talked, something like “ I’m fine, I’m fine”. . Up the road the village was gathered and listening to some announcement over the PA system, no mention of Falangs this time. Nickie forgot to tell you that when we camped at the temple, with Tom and Julie, a man arrived and gave a PA announcement that was loud enough for all the village to hear….and we picked up the word Falang a few times…..well he was probably giving the 7pm news and we featured by being guests at the temple. We had a quick chat with English cyclists Roy and Yami heading to Vientiane, they have ridden from Kuala Lumpar. The wind picked up around 10.30 and continued to blow all day from our right side. Dust dervishes whirled about the trees. About 25ks our hitchhiking friends pass by on the back of a truck but 10k later as we come into Paksong we see them hitching again. A quick photo stop and we carry on, about an hour later they pass again on a truck. A watermelon, 4 boiled eggs, and a cucumber for lunch, cost us $1.60 at a roadside stall and we had this for lunch at a petrol station, in the only shade for ages. Pete unluckily got the 2 runny yolked ones, messy. A rotary-hoe tractor got a 10 second fill-up for about $3.50 NZ. Diesel is about $1.30 NZ and petrol about $1.80 NZ per litre. So many people on scooters pass by us with broad smiles and most have beautiful white teeth, so it was bit of a shock to look into the red stained, gap toothed smile of an older lady riding pillion. She was laughing and waving at us. Bless her, she had lovely kind eyes and she must love the betel nut. At 72 ks, we had to take another pepsi stop and here we saw the “dumpling vendor”, the dumplings are kept hot in the metal part, the uncooked dumplings in the wooden/glass case. We enjoyed gentle ups and downs and the wind kept us fairly cool though the temp s were high 30s. Suddenly the wind was blowing very hot and around the curve we found out why: smouldering logs and grass right along the roadside and far into a large field. We think the farmers have to be skilled to not to burn their wooden/thatch homes. Later in the afternoon we saw burn-off. We were feeling burned out ourselves at 87ks and each gulped down 600ml of cold water, before achieving our goal to do 100ks today leaving 112ks to do tomorrow into Pakse. Nickies ODO reads 99.99km , Petes reads 100.6. We are not sure what village we are in, and the GPS gives no name. Fried rice with vege and egg was a welcome change to the menu tonight.

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