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Off to another new destination! We head off to Waitomo today, taking the long way though so we could go to Hamilton. Hamilton is a city about an hour inland east of Raglan. shopping in the small towns is expensive compared to the cities, and you also get fuel discounts at the big supermarket. We are slowly becoming better "cheap" travellers. Hamilton was a busy city, definitely not busy like back home, still had the laid back feeling, as it in in the green part of the north island. By green, it's like we have at home, earth wise political party, hippies, that sort of stuff, like BC. After getting groceries, we ran around in circles trying to find a bakery so we could get fresh bread and buns, no such luck. So we headed off to Waitomo. After travelling through the countryside to get there, we have come to the conclusion that sheep and cow farming must be the get rich thing to do here, as everyone who does this here has beautiful yards and gorgeous houses! We arrived in Waitomo, and checked into the YHA Juno hall. After unpacking we headed out on yet another Trek. We took the 40 minute drive north east of our hostel to see the first destination. It was a natural bridge. Not much to it really, a volcano carved a huge hole through the side of the mountain, leaving a passage at the bottom which is now a creek. After that we headed up the road to check out some caves. This was a huge hole that went down about 30-40 feet down into the mountain. There was a small access at the top where you entered then made your way to the bottom. Once out of the cave we headed further up the road to the waterfalls there. These were very very nice. A small creek fed these falls, but it was unreal how wide they were at the top. These falls dropped around 35 meters into a beautiful rock bed at the base. We were able to jump from rock to rock across the creek at the bottom and make our way right to the base of the falls. (Kara almost fell in).We made our way back to the hostel, cooked up some burgers and hit they hay. ( driving skills are getting better, only hit the windshield wipers 2-3 times per trip now!)

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