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I'm sorry that I'm late with today's update but I've been out on the town. Neil gave me a ticket to tonight's performance of The Phantom of the Opera for my birthday, so that's where I've been - in Row 1 of the stalls at Her Majesty's Theatre.

It was wonderful & the show is currently celebrating its 25th year on the West End.

I went into London about 11:00 this morning & took the train to Hyde Park Corner, then walked down Piccadilly & Pall Mall to Trafalgar Square. It was another beautiful day, even warmer than yesterday, so I didn't even need a jacket.

I thought this vertical garden at the Athaneum Hotel was an interesting idea & it certainly looked very healthy.

I had a sandwich, sitting in the sun in Trafalgar Square with lots of other people then spent the afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery. I went there last year but only got through the Tudors & had to quit at Charles 1. Today I got all the way through the Victorians but I was weary by the time I finished.

I went across the road to St Martin's in the Fields & had dinner in their cafe in the Crypt which Sue & I also went to last year. By then it was time to make my way to the theatre which was just around the corner in Haymarket & it was just on dusk, so a really good time to take photos.

I wasn't keen on travelling by public transport so late at night so I arranged for a car to pick me up. I think this was wise as all the theatres seemed to get out at exactly the same time so there weren't any spare taxis around. Plus I like the idea of knowing up front exactly how much the trip is going to cost.

It's nearly midnight so I'm definitely ready for bed.

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