Soul Searching Through The 'Boot' travel blog

A quick update..... Left Paola this morning....she had her daughter coming, wanted to clean room, etc! I told her I would take a cab to the train station...lucky I did because there were only first class tickets on the Freccia (fast) trains in to Firenze!!! Big Easter celebration!! Met Andrew at the binerio 4, and he was a big help in traveling solo.., he was from the UK and very familiar with Italy ! Borrowed a few of his terms: hotel=digs and long lines= queues. He was very impressed with my trip so far but stated "you might go home as a beggar, you ought to slow down a bit!!!!" Lol!... Jumped on the train, first class... Actually 2nd class on the Freccia lines are just as nice!...arrived in Padova....walked around, went to my binerio 1...and met the cutest guy, Brian from Philly (no accent though :), and stationed in Firenze! I headed to corrazio 1 (train 1 for 1st class), but... Not before we exchanged Italian numbers! I think he is too young, but... Nice compliment that he asked for #! Arrived in Florence , walked to the hotel Molly booked, Hotel Caravaggio !, re-upped my iPad sim card ( WENT THRU 1 G IN ONE WEEK)... Bought 5 g this month!! Molly called and they are running late so I am having glass of wine at a funky bar with great music and ... Wouldn't you know WIFI!! Go figure! No pics for now....will catch up tomorrow! Love to all!

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