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The road up the mountain to Monticello

The Visitor's Center

A replica of Jefferson's original design of Monticello

The original desk where he wrote the Declaration of Independence

A bust of Jefferson

He invented probable the forerunner of the coping machine

This door was designed with a pulley system that when you opened...

The dependent rooms that ran along both sides of the house underground

The kitchen was in the dependency room area and was delivered to...

The rear of the house that opens to the gardens

The building where Jefferson and his wife lived for many years while...

The fish pond where fish were kept after being caught in the...

The tunnel that ran under the house and connected the two sides...

The ice house where ice was stored from the frozen river but...

The garden area was full of tulips

Originally the bath house with circulating hot water for bathing


Jefferson's grave and the Jefferson cemetary where descendents are buried even today

Looking out into the gardens

Walking through the gardens

Crossing the state line into Maryland

The traffic going into Washington was nervewracking

Our campsite in Washington

Monticello--Charlottesville, VA to Washington, DC

After finishing packing up the RV in Richmond, we headed out for Monticello in Charlottesville, VA, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

What a magnificent place!!!!

Thomas Jefferson was a clever and innovative person. His home at Monticello was way ahead of its time. The house is filled with clever devices and innovative items that made his life and homestead simpler. There were things that had never been used in a house before. There were so many that I couldn't even begin to list them.

The design of the house was ahead of its time also. He wasted no space in and around the house. I will point out some of the things from the pictures.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

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