Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Me, Jeanne, Steve

Donna % Don

Yesterday was a relaxing day with not much going on here. Grabbed some serious pool time with Don and had a nice dinner party at Jeanne's brother and sister in laws (Steve and Donna). My father call them Bob Stories. So here goes. I noticed quite by accident one of our tie down receivers was missing from our big honkin' dually. I researched the needed part on the Internet and found it would cost less than $15 to replace. But since we have a truck camper it is not widely available. So I went to a RV parts place and they assured me they could get it. The cost $45 plus $50 shipping !!!! $95 for a $15 part. Needless to say Shirley and I will be taking these receivers off the truck next time we take the camper off. I can hear Dad now "RELAX it's only money". Leaving tomorrow (Wed) for South Florida. Enjoy the dinner pics.

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