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This is so much better than law school

Paul becomes one with the rope

Still a little bit chilly

Chalk bag shows off the overhang. Paul on Dali 5+

Paul on Suphi 6a

Making it look easy on Dali.

A picture of calm concentration. Starting Pepa 6a+.

Awww. You know it's cold when Paul has a jacket on!

Heading up the wall on Dali.

Pretty sweet view from up there.

Waiting for the sun to come back!!

LEt the sun shine down on me.

We call this monk climbing. Goosefrabbah.....

Almost through the hard bit.

Please wait to lower.

Rest spot whewwwwww

Raodside is no joke in Mallorca

Getting ready

Shawana working her way through the holes on Suphi.

Style points are a must!

Watch your toes in traffic

Monk style

Left or right, right or left.

All I can say is WOW.

Hello again everyone!! If anyone is still actually reading these, then I apologize for my ramblings and hope that between the horrible jokes and half decent pictures you stay amused enough to keep checking back in!

Today is a sunny day. Today is still not a super warm day but today is a sunny day. We head off to the roadside crag that we had visited before in hopes of getting more than 2 very cold climbs in today. We got there and to our chagrin, everyone else saw that it was a nice and sunny day and decided to get out as well. Thankfully, the things that are rated as fun in the book had apparently all been done before by the locals so we were able to get on them with no wait or crowding in.

We did two routes that were away from the road a bit, which means there was dirt in-between the rock and the pavement. And don't let the size of the road fool you, these people FLY up and down this hill like they have some place so important to be that smearing you to the wall like poo off your shoe is a risk that they are willing to take.

Having done all the ones on the buttress, we decided to revist the overhanging problems that we had gotten on before and were able to get some hopefully decent video of me trying the one that I had frozen on the other day. Still fell before the roof but upon further review, I found the hold that I had been missing for my feet and was able to get past that part with much greater ease.

Since I forgot the cable to the video camera, You all will have to wait till we get home till we can put together a wicked sending video full of screams and techno and crazy editing techniques like sub-titles and star wipes and the lot! Rather fun day other than every time you thought it was going to get warmer, the wind picked up and took all those thoughts right out of your head. Wasn't as cold as the other day by far but it definitely was not a balmy summer day.

Tomorrow is moving day when we unfortunately have to leave our little slice of rural heaven and head back to Palma to save money on a hotel room for a few days before heading back out into the country to a town named Alaro. But first it's off to Palmanova which is about 10 minutes west of Palma and has a bizillion hotels, only 3 of which are open in the slow season. Till then.

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