The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

View from Hotel Room in Abancay (photo by Tony)

Out window (photo by Tony)

Plaza in Abancay (photo by Tony)

Advertisement (photo by Tony)

Walked around Abancay, and spent time doing homework. Abancay is a lay-over town between Cusco and Nazca and/or Lima. No bus to Nazca available until tomorrow. (walked a mile and a half)

Vinny: Abancay has hardly any tourists in it. The food there was great, and the town several mountains around it. The hotel is an old mansion.

Tony: We ended up staying in Abancay for an extra day cause there were no busses leaving that day for Cuzco. There wasn't much to do there but it as cool because I think we were the only tourists in the town.

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