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OK, so we arrived in Salt Lake City, UT from Jackson Hole, WY in the early afternoon - just in time for rush hour!

No problem, we had scoped out a Wal-Mart Supercenter to stay at for free again! And our trusty GPS unerringly directed us to it alright - only problem was, it is in a very unattractive location. Not only that, but it sported a three-level parking garage, which is not all that RV-friendly. And, next door was a Friday the 13th haunted house attraction which did not actually attract us at all.

Ok, we're flexible. We'll just find another Wal-Mart. After almost getting lost, we managed to find one a few miles south and in a much nicer enviroment. However, this one had zero RV parking. We stocked up on a few things, had dinner at a nearby Arby's and tried to find another Wal-Mart.

By this time, it's getting dark and a thunderstorm has hit Salt Lake. Driving rain and driving with the RV is a little stressful. After only one wrong turn, we finally found what we were looking for, but it turned out to be a Sam's Place (like a Costco), not a Wal-Mart. Although it was OK to park overnight, we felt uncomfortable because it was not a 24 hour facility.

Now, we're getting concerned. We decide to give up on the freebies and head for a nearby KOA. But we didn't actually have a street address so could not use the GPS and they weren't answering their phone. We headed in the approximate direction, and after several miles, lo and behold: what to our wondering eyes should appear but a Wal-Mart Supercenter - boy, that looked dear.

Bonus was there were already a bunch of other freeloaders there, so we had a great time shopping and sleeping off the stress.

Whew! Job well done.

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