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Arrived in Clearlake, CA for our Habitat build on Saturday. Gave us lots of time to get to know everyone as we didn't start the build until Tuesday. There are 10 RVs - 2 with single males (wives at home) and 8 with couples. Bob and I are almost the youngest - we think the oldest is 78 - alot of old farts !!!!!!

Two of the couples are "full-timers" - one of those spends at least half the year doing builds all over the country - they've done somewhere around 25 houses. The rest are from the west - we're the only from eastern side of USA

In the pics you can see the site on day one and all the walls up by day 2. Totally amazing - I think - and no one got hurt. The habitat owner is a young single woman with 2 kids - works full time and is required to put in at least 500 hours helping to build her house and others.

In the final pic you can see the group - including the home owner, the local Habitat leaders and a couple of neighbors who showed up to help.

The house is about 900 sq.ft - 2 bedroom, 1 bath, double garage, living/kitchen room.

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