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Room at Akihito hotel - 22.50 us a night

Cory's new friend he met on the counter of the lobby at...

ahem - Cory is "borrowing" some airtime from a hotspot

Elaine pondering next move while at new digs called the D*Victoria

Can you spot the Jesus Christ bird (locally called i think)

some local Mennonite folks out fishing

Me taking a turn at the wheel

the wild ride

Crocodile with a smile - maybe a purple people eater

spider monkey grabbing a free lunch

long plumed ibis and flock of egrets - distant photo :-(

Well, I have been very busy the last few days, so much so, that at the end of the day I am just plum tuckered out. I wonder if that is why I am purple?

Sunday, April 5th I went on my very first boat ride. Cory and Elaine along with Fiona took a Lamanai river tour. This tour was a 30+ mile long boat trip along the new river in Lamanai. On the boat ride we saw many interesting things, including crocodiles, which makes sense because Lamanai means submerged crocodile. We saw all kinds of flora and fauna such as air gardens, stranger vines, fig trees, mangroves and much more. There were also many kinds of birds such as egrets, great cranes, vultures, ibis, green parrots, and even a Jesus Christ bird (which appears to walk on water but actually uses a kind of lily pad) At one point along the journey we stopped to see spider monkeys. The younger passengers on the boat fed bananas to the monkeys. The monkeys came right down on to the boat and took them.

Carlos our guide was very informative and taught us much about the Mayan culture. We passed rum factories and even saw some of the local Mennonites from the huge population here in Belize. Carlos told us too many stats for me to remember about the Mennonites here. They are responsible for a large percentage of the agriculture and meat production in Belize. We had seen some in Orange Walk and they are very easy to spot because they all dress alike. The women and females wear dresses, and the men are attired in black denim overalls, and wear a white straw cowboy hat. Carlos made a comment about how all the Mennonites look alike, I found this quite funny considering the Mayan people are all approximately the same height – short, with dark skin, big brown eyes, and black hair. Odd how people from around the world are more the same than different in how they view and treat other people.

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