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Akosombo Dam

The last big destination that I wanted to see in Ghana was the Akosombo Dam. This dam supplies 70-80% of the country’s power. The dam has been formed on the Volta River and has produced the world’s biggest artificial lake which is unsurprisingly called Lake Volta. My headmistress had arranged for us to go inside the dam and see its workings. It was pretty impressive but predictably for Ghana in the control room there were several people, one of whom was asleep. We were not able to take any pictures of the inside due to security reasons. The dam consists of six huge tubes that start at Lake Volta and empty into the river below. As the water passes through it turns the turbines to produce the electricity. It was a very impressive piece of engineering especially as it was built decades ago in a developing country. Hopefully the developed UK can follow suit!

On the way back to Accra we stopped at a local fishing village and bought some tilapia. Apart from the fish smell there was also a strong smell of refuse from a large rubbish pile that was beside the road. This appeared to be the pasture for some cows who were busy enjoying their dinner of plastic bags and rotting vegetables.

It was a great day and was a good way to finish seeing all of the Ghana sights that we wanted to see.

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